Ignite Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send more than one child?
Of course! When it comes to siblings coming together, we will also place the campers in separate teams and cabins. They will certainly be able to check-in with each other and will have plenty of opportunities to share a meal together and catch up. However, they won’t be spending their whole day together!
What happens at Ignite Camp?
Ignite camp uses experiential learning and debriefs to ensure our campers are fully engaged in what happens here. At Ignite Camp, campers will engage in activities that focus on varying levels of social, emotional, practical, creative, introspective and self development skills (to name a few) - these activities are then debriefed as a group with our experienced facilitators so they can get the most out of the experience. We are indoors and outdoors, and often moving; the camp program is very dynamic and uses different mediums of delivery to tailor to all preferences. At many moments throughout camp we also encourage our campers to do solo reflection on their experiences - this reflection journal is also a great tool for them to look back on, but also for families and their support networks to connect with the content.
How many meals are provided per day? 
We are so fortunate to have the staff at our venue cooking up a storm for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with Morning and Afternoon Tea every day to get our hungry campers through their day! We also cater for all dietary requirements which are considered when an enrolment form is completed.

How can I support my young person post camp?
The best way you can support your young person is by being a part of their journey. On the final day of Camp we provide a session for parents where they are able to learn about what has been covered at Camp. This creates a common foundation so that when you have your young person return home you will be able to ask better questions to find out what they got up to, what were some of their own learnings or pieces for reflection. Good news, we offer this live streamed out to Camp parents as well, because not everyone can make it!
What are the transport options to get to Camp?
If you’re a Victorian local you can drive out to camp on the morning everything commences. For those of you that are further away from camp, your child has the option to fly into, or be dropped off at Tullamarine airport the day prior to camp. There will be members of our staff on site at the airport ready to greet and take your young person to camp via our Camp bus. Please note, for those arriving early there will be an additional fee due to the early night stay.
What happens with technology at camp?
As much as we know your young person loves technology, when they arrive on site they will hand in any devices so that they can remain in one piece for the duration of camp, and also to provide the campers with an opportunity to connect with one another. There will be an opportunity for them to connect with home on alternative nights after the first night. Reception at the camp site is not the strongest, we do have a few camp phones they can try to call home on.
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