What does a typical Ignite Camp look like?

At Ignite Camp, our vision is  for every young person to feel known, loved and empowered to take action in their own life, family and community. Throughout Ignite Camp our vision plays out in the exploration of leadership and self-development for your young person.  

Each day at camp has an overarching theme that influences discussions and outcomes for each of the activities our campers experience. These themes relate to branches of life that we are all able to work on and develop as leaders. Our facilitators guide campers to explore what each of these branches of life mean to them. Ignite Camp provides a platform for Campers to reflect on how these themes show up in their life currently and what they could do to further grow and support others with each theme. Each day has two branches that are explored and unpacked through activities, facilitated content, team challenges, outdoor activities, reflection time and more.  

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Timings & Milestones of a typical Ignite Camp Day

  • 7:00am: Wake Up
  • 7:30am: Breakfast  

  • 8:20am: Morning Activities #1
  • 10:30am: Morning Tea Break  
  • 10:50am: Morning Activities #2
  • 12:30pm: Lunch  
  • 1:30pm: Afternoon Activities #3
  • 3:30pm: Afternoon Tea  
  • 5:30pm: Dinner  
  • 6:30pm: Evening Activities #4  
  • 8:20pm: Day Wrap Up  

  • 8:50pm: Preparation for Lights Out  
  • 9:20pm: Lights Out


Welcome to Ignite Camp. Today is all about laying the foundations of Camp, what to expect, meeting other Campers and being introduced to and building connections with their Ignite Camp Facilitators, Team Leaders and Small Team of other Campers.  

The Day 1 Branches include:



  • Exploration and greater understanding of the messages we send to the world through words, actions, and interactions.
  • Increased self-awareness and understanding of one's impact on the surrounding world; impact on Me, We, and Us.  


  • Understanding of emotions as a compass, guiding individuals through experiences.
  • Our Campers are encouraged to embrace their emotions as a useful tool to understand themselves and others.  

Through experiential activities, team time, facilitated discussion, practical challenges and reflection campers explore ways identify, to navigate and express their emotions in a healthy way.  


Our branches for today are Values and Connection! Day two has a strong focus on building connections quickly and exploring personal foundations of what is important to each Camper. We have shaken off the nerves and are settling into Ignite Camp. Today is the time where connection continues to build, and Campers are encouraged to share more about who they are as a leader and what they value.  


  • An exploration of Values – what are they and why they are an important cornerstone of who we are.  
  • Campers have the opportunity to map out their own values and pinpoint the areas in their life where they see their values taking shape.  
  • Understanding the significance of how our values and actions should align and what it means when they don’t.


  • Exploration of the importance of building meaningful, intentional, and respectful connections with friends, family, and the community.  
  • Opportunity to build trust amongst other Campers and their team through a range of physical activities and challenges.  
  • Exploration of conversation tools and strategies to build meaningful connection.  


We are halfway through Ignite Camp. By Day 3 Campers are feeling connected and there is visible momentum at Camp. Today we are exploring our branches of Kindness and Bounce Forward! Campers have established a great sense trust and connection amongst their teams which is essential for our big outdoor activities today.  


  • Exploration of an individual definition of Kindness and how this can be practically implemented in our daily lives.  
  • Reflection of what type of people each Camper wants to be surrounded by in their own lives.  
  • Understanding that just as we can treat others with Kindness, we should take positive actions towards caring for ourselves and building an awareness of the tone of our self-talk.

Bounce Forward:

  • Opportunity to practically explore collective and individual resilience on our outdoor adventure course.  
  • Campers will be introduced to different strategies to support resilience: calming, conflict resolution and overcoming comfort zones.  
  • Building the Campers’ ability to look at a problem and continue to find new solutions to still achieve the desired outcome.


We have explored so much already! Messages, Emotions, Kindness and Bouncing Forward. On Day 4 we have the opportunity to think about our Vision as we work through more of our outdoor activities! At Ignite Camp it is important to us that Campers can return home with practical tools, strategies and achievable goals that they can work towards after their Ignite Camp experience. This is where our setting of a vision comes in!  


  • Exploration of what it means to have a vision for our lives.
  • Campers will have the opportunity to think about their individual vision for their life and distil their vision into their goals and the daily actions they can take to get there.  
  • Today will feature a large team challenge that will see Campers implement the cornerstones of having a collective vision and practice the prior day branches.  


Day 5 sees us enjoying our final day together. As it is our final day of Ignite Camp, we are getting ready to wrap up all our branches and learnings; encouraging the young leaders through final strategies to take with them after Camp.

  • Reflection of Ignite Camp and provision of additional strategies to use as they return home and to their communities.  
  • We also have a Camper Graduation today and Closing Ceremony which loved ones are welcome to join. This is a great opportunity to see first-hand the connections that Camp has fostered and to be provided with an overview of Camp and how you can support your young person as they return home.  

The typical Activities of Ignite Camp

Each day at Ignite Camp we are engaging in different activities that provide campers the opportunity to practice our branches of life, day themes. Ignite Camp can feature the following activities based on weather and Camper engagement.

General Activities

  • Team Challenges both indoor and outdoor
  • Pair activities
  • Facilitated content to introduce Branches
  • Reflection time: Journalling & meditation

Afternoon Activities that can feature at Ignite Camp:  

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Bushing Walking
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Dancing
  • Musical Instruments

Larger Adventure Activities that can feature at Ignite Camp:

  • Orienteering
  • High Ropes
  • Low Ropes
  • Bush Hut Building
  • Bush Cooking
  • Bouldering
  • Archery
  • Initiative Challenges

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